Aeromine Technologies
New York, US, 18 Jan. 2023, 13:34 CEST
AEC Angels Endorses Aeromine, Thornton Tomasetti Invests in their Breakthrough Wind Energy Solution

Investor group member invests in patented wind harvesting system that generates up to 50 percent more energy at same cost as rooftop solar PV

Aeromine units capture wind on warehouse rooftop img#1
Aeromine units capture wind on warehouse rooftop
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AEC Angels Endorses Aeromine, Thornton Tomasetti Invests in their Breakthrough Wind Energy Solution

AEC Angels, an investment platform focused on emerging technologies in the architecture, engineering, and construction sectors, has endorsed Aeromine Technologies, creator of an innovative bladeless wind energy system designed to help commercial property owners meet increasing demands for on-site renewable energy. Designed to seamlessly integrate with existing building electrical and rooftop solar systems, Aeromine's scalable, motionless system easily installs on the edge of a building's rooftop. Through their investment vehicle TTWiiN IP, AEC Angels member Thornton Tomasetti has invested in Aeromine's investment round.

AEC Angels is an alliance of industry veterans that partnered to evaluate and make individual strategic investments in early-stage companies with promising technological advances. Members include Thornton Tomasetti, STO Building Group, Syska Hennessy, and SHoP Architects. The AEC Angels have endorsed Aeromine and its innovative ability to bring significantly more renewable energy to building owners across numerous industry segments.

"Aeromine's proprietary and innovative technology makes the promise of bringing the performance of wind energy to the built environment a reality that can increase on site generation 100-200% for any given project when paired with solar and battery storage" said Grant McCullagh, Director at Thornton Tomasetti and AEC Angels' Managing Director. "We're excited to lend the expertise of our members to help the company accelerate its positive impact on the built environment."

Aeromine has no external moving parts, no vibration and minimal maintenance requirements. The technology leverages aerodynamics similar to airfoils on a race car to capture and amplify each building's airflow. Requiring just 10 percent of the roof space needed by solar panels, the stationary and silent Aeromine unit generates around-the-clock energy in any weather. Aeromine systems typically consist of 20-40 units installed on the edge of a building facing the predominant wind direction. Designed to work seamlessly with a building's existing electrical system, the combination of Aeromine's wind solution with rooftop solar can generate up to 100 percent of a building's onsite energy needs, while minimizing the need for energy storage.

"It takes many different solutions to meet the major challenges presented by the need to reduce emissions," added Tom Scarangello, Executive Chairman, Thornton Tomasetti. "Aeromine is cost-effective, durable and a potential game-changer for green rooftop energy."

Aeromine CEO David Asarnow, a veteran of the climate technology industry, said "Aeromine's proprietary technology brings the performance of wind energy to the fast-growing rooftop power generation market. We are committed to helping building owners and companies meet their resilience and sustainability goals with an untapped distributed renewable energy source."

Companies piloting the innovative technology include BASF Corporation, which is testing the Aeromine system at its manufacturing plant in Wyandotte, MI.