PADS Financial
Montréal, CA, 06 Oct. 2023, 08:27 CEST
New online lending platform, PADS Financial, raises $3M in pre-seed funding

Montreal Fintech startup, PADS Financial, launches online platform for mortgage origination and servicing.

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New online lending platform, PADS Financial, raises $3M in pre-seed funding

Montreal-based Fintech startup, PADS Financial, proudly announces the official launch of "PADS," an innovative online platform revolutionizing the world of first and second rank mortgage origination and servicing.

Securing an initial round of financing totaling $3 million from prominent figures within the Quebec Real Estate market serves as a resounding vote of confidence in this Montreal-based startup.

For Borrowers: PADS Financial is on a mission to transform the traditional mortgage application process into a swift and streamlined online experience. PADS introduces its online portal, providing users with the convenience of applying for home equity loans, monitoring application progress, securing approvals, managing funds, and accessing vital features—all within an intuitive and user-friendly interface.

Through its advanced and distinctive underwriting models, PADS is poised to extend its support to individuals who have been underserved by the current banking landscape.

Stephane Perez, CO-Founder and Tech Entrepreneur of PADS, emphasizes, "Early on, we identified a gap in the lending industry and recognized an opportunity to create solutions to assist new immigrants and Canadian homeowners in leveraging their equity to secure loans and build or rebuild their credit. They have been underserved, and the situation has only grown more pressing with the rapid surge in interest rates."

For industry professionals: Beyond catering to borrowers, PADS has designed a dedicated platform for independent private lenders, real estate professionals, and mortgage brokers. The PADS broker portal serves as a dynamic workspace, empowering brokers to efficiently manage multiple client applications, initiate submissions, and collaborate seamlessly with clients. This centralized hub streamlines operations, ensuring brokers are well-informed about the status of every application.

For Investors: PADS presents an enticing opportunity for investors, connecting accredited Canadian investors with low-risk, high-yield home equity loan prospects. The platform offers a personalized investment experience and seamless portfolio management, fostering financial growth for both investors and fellow Canadians. With PADS, investors play an integral role in improving people's lives while achieving their financial objectives.

Looking to the Future: Embracing AI and the Decentralized Landscape PADS stands at the forefront of fintech innovation, with ambitious plans to leverage Artificial Intelligence for even more precise and efficient underwriting and lending processes.

In response to the evolving financial landscape marked by decentralization, PADS is paving the way for tokenization. By harnessing blockchain technology, the platform aims to tokenize and offer revenue-generating home loan packages to investors. This approach enables investors to sell fractions of their portfolios, effectively creating a secondary marketplace. With these forward-looking developments, PADS is poised to redefine the boundaries of fintech by integrating cutting-edge technology with the evolving needs of the modern financial world.

Welcome to PADS - a platform that transcends the realm of online lending. PADS is your partner on the journey to financial freedom. Together, let's redefine the future of the mortgage industry.