Decentralized solutions for everyday problems

Decenda combines various centralized and decentralized solutions for everyday problems that online buyers, sellers and publishers face every day. 

We are developing an open decentralized platform that can be used as a backbone for secure global trading. Payments through our platform will be made in our own Crypto currency which can be used for international payments on (virtual) marketplaces & auctions, in-game purchases and for online content like newspapers, blogs and video sites.

To develop this platform and underlying technology, we have launched a crowdfunding campaign where you can already reserve Decenda tokens at a great discount. Join now, get involved and share in our success!

So, where can Decenda be used for? A short explanation

Pay for online content A new way to pay for online content, pay for the content you actually use. Like paying per word, paragraph or per second of video. Easy one-click donations to your favorite content creator are also available.

Marketplaces and auction sites Decenda is a backbone for online marketplaces and auction sites. Not only for easy (international) payments, but also for member feedback to protect other members.

Buy a car or collectible Soon you will be able to buy a new car with our crypto currency. A marketplace for collectibles such as art, sports memorabilia, toys and games is ready to be launched.

Crypto currency Because we issue our own crypto token, it can be traded and used like any other crypto currency. We aim to be listed on most known exchanges as soon as possible.

Why you should use Decenda advantages of our decentralized platform

Make online (international) trading safer

With smart contracts, clear agreements can be made before purchase. In addition, various object-specific items (e.g. mileage, maintenance, previous selling price) can be stored in the blockchain.

Make sure you get paid for your product or content

With Decenda, it no longer happens that someone does not pay for your (second hand) item. It is also no longer possible to place a fake bid. Bids from buyers are checked in advance.

Increase revenue from your online content

We offer different ways for content creators to increase the income from their work. Use Decenda to increase revenue from online content by, e.g. a paywall, paid member area or place a friendly donate option.

Easy setup and deployment through our API

Decenda develops some APIs so that our platform and applications are available to everyone. This makes adding Decenda to your own marketplace or content platform a no-brainer.

Founders & VIP investor sale Our current sale live

Seed stage

Early investors are the people who support Decenda in its earliest growth phase, who strongly believe in our mission, vision and values.

Decenda strongly believes in a safer and easier way to buy items and content online, and therefore started a crowdfund campaign to develop the payment and marketplace technology.

You can now buy Decenda tokens at a huge discount. These tokens can soon be used to pay on various marketplaces.
Join us now, get involved and share in our success!

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Decenda app development roadmap

Decenda and its app and underlying technology is still under development. With the roadmap below, we want to inform you where we currently stand, and what you can expect in the future.

  • Concept Design
  • Get team ready
  • Launch of website to introduce Bonop
  • Setup partner program
  • Launch Seed round
  • Attract more developers
  • Initial steps in marketing
  • Engaging influencers
  • Finalize whitepaper for Private sale
  • Launch collectors marketplace
  • Private token sale
  • Several demo apps, to showcase the possibilities
  • Distribute the pre-assigned tokens
  • Initial listings
  • Establishing various partnerships
  • Launch content creators api
  • Launch marketplaces for vehicles
  • Pre sale
  • Prepare sale and launch of Bonop
  • Listing on more listings

Tokenomics How are our tokens distributed?

We will issue a maximum of tokens in total. Below you can find an overview of how our tokens are distributed. The tokens for the team, are locked for 1 year.

  • Technical 12%
  • Reserve Funding 5%
  • Ecosystem 16%
  • Advisor 2%
  • Developer 5%
  • Airdrop-bounty 2%
  • Marketing 25%
  • Seed Round 5%
  • Private Sale 11%
  • Pre-Sale 14%
  • Public Sale 3%

The future is to use blockchain for online payments and micro payments Why we believe in the Decenda platform

We are convinced that in the near future it will be much easier, faster and cheaper to make safe online (micro) payments.

In the blockchain, partly due to smart contracts, a lot can be registered. Information about the buyer & seller but also about the object itself and the way it is sold. This decentralized technology makes online marketplaces much safer than they are today. Moreover, our technology ensures that any marketplace can access this data.

But not only to buy or sell physical or digital (NFT) objects, we also see opportunities in providing access to online content through (micro) payments.  Publishers and content creators can easily make use of this through our new publisher API. Especially now that revenues from advertising are under pressure, publishers can use Decenda to better monetize their online content.

bonop, the smart way to pay online
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