Istanbul, TR, 07 Oct. 2022, 09:01 CEST
Espressolab opened Europe's largest coffee experience center

Finishing its brand journey with a new generation project, Espressolab has opened Europe's largest coffee experience center called Espressolab Roastery with an investment of 5 million Euro.

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Espressolab opened Europe's largest coffee experience center

100% local coffee brand Espressolab carries its branding journey to the global arena with its new investments and brings together Europe's largest coffee experience center, Espressolab Roastery, with coffee lovers. Espressolab Roastery, was built by converting Turkey's first cardboard factory with an area of 6 thousand square meters located in Istanbul Merter and is Espressolab's 100th store in Turkey. Espressolab Roastery has areas with different concepts including coffee roasting center, coffee shop, cocktail bar, bakery, workshop station, conference hall, mini greenhouse area, co-working spaces. Espressolab Roastery hosted its first guests by making its launching on Sunday, September 11, 2022, and an interesting event about the future of coffee experience.

This center aims to create employment for 200 people at first tep. Rather than a classic coffee shop service, it offers a unique coffee experience environment in Turkey with quality coffee experience, theoretical and practical information about coffee, concerts, workshops, and art events.

"Espressolab Roastery shows the current coffee market in Turkey"

Espressolab Marketing and Corporate Communications Manager Ersin Kefeli emphasized that Espressolab Roastery will be a coffee experience center that coffee lovers from all over the world will want to visit, and added: "We have been working hard to bring quality coffee to all coffee lovers in the world since the first day we were established as Espressolab. In this direction, our biggest goal is to reveal a value with the story of a coffee bean in all these processes, from the coffee bean to the cup, and to provide a sustainable and quality coffee experience in all processes from the farmer producing the bean to the barista preparing the coffee. At this point, Espressolab Roastery is a very significant project in terms of conveying our story that we want to tell with these purposes to more people. We have built Europe's largest coffee experience center. This is also a good opportunity to see how the growing coffee market in Turkey is as well."

Investor interest will increase with Espressolab Roastery

Espressolab, which continues to grow with franchise investments in Turkey and abroad, aims for increasing investor interest with Espressolab Roastery. By continuing its investments continuously in 2022, the company serves with 165 stores around the world. Espressolab maintains serving in 11 countries around the world by increasing its coffee roasting capacity to 35 tons per month with Espressolab Roastery. According to the research conducted by the Germany-based FoodService Europe & Middle East magazine, the company ranks second in Europe's fastest growing coffee brands with a growth of 64.2%. Except Turkey; Investments for stores in Germany, Cyprus, Portugal, Egypt, Morocco, Palestine, Iraq, Dubai, Qatar, Jordan and South Africa continue.