Muscatine, US, 18 Jan. 2023, 13:00 CEST
Allsteel announces investment focus for 2023

Brand sets positioning for 2023 with Fulton Market Opening, Sustainability Commitments 

Brand sets positioning for 2023 with Fulton Market Opening, Sustainability Commitments& and Expanded Evolving Workplace Leadership img#1
Brand sets positioning for 2023 with Fulton Market Opening, Sustainability Commitments& and Expanded Evolving Workplace Leadership

Allsteel announces investment focus for 2023

Allsteel Inc., a leading manufacturer of workplace furnishings, and an HNI Company, announced today the move of its Muscatine, IA sales office and showroom to the brand's new Experience Center in Fulton Market in Chicago. With this move, Allsteel will close its facility on the HNI campus. No jobs will be affected with this move, which will take place in the first quarter of 2023. The 67,464 square foot Muscatine building, located at 2210 Second Street, will be placed on the market in early 2023.

"As we look at how our brand has evolved, and at the large-scale initiatives we've mapped out, we've prioritized repositioning our investments to focus where our clients need us and want to interact with us," said Jason Hagedorn, President of Allsteel. "With this new Experience Center in Fulton Market, a continued focus on sustainable practices, and expanded perspective on the evolving workplace, we are excited about placing our investments in the critical areas we know our clients need us most."

Fulton Market Showroom Reinvents The Allsteel Experience

In late Spring of 2023, Allsteel will open the doors to its new Experience Center in Fulton Market in Chicago, one of the fastest growing markets for Allsteel and the HNI family of brands. The 345 N. Morgan building is finished, construction build-out within the Allsteel space is complete and interior finishings are on schedule. The Experience Center will include a series of interactive design areas, an immersive learning space, and several hospitality hotspots. This will serve as Allsteel's main client interaction space, providing a more central and convenient hub for future collaboration engagements.

"We are thrilled to open our doors and welcome our clients, the design community and commercial real estate professionals to our new Experience Center," said Natalie Johansen Murray, Director of Brand and Marketing. "Throughout the entire design journey, we focused on developing a space to celebrate and encourage collaboration, a space that is designed to help our clients and design community do more."

Expanded Office Solutions Investments

Gaining momentum from the successful launch of the Evolving Workplace in 2022 and recent products designed to solve meaningful workplace challenges, Allsteel announces expanded investments in product development and workplace strategy collaboration with clients. By exploring the topics of "Flexible and Hybrid Work Points," "Modern Leader Challenges" and "Inclusive Design," Allsteel will launch a series of live and online programs to deliver content and products from the industry's leading expert voices.

"We continue to see our clients, many representing some of the strongest brands in the world, seeking guidance on how to create their future workplaces that will advance their business and culture goals," explained Andrea Gauss, Director of Workplace and Client Solutions. "Now, more than ever, we are eager to collaborate with industry leaders and clients to develop solutions that keep a strong focus on a company's largest asset, its people."

Named One of America's Most Responsible Companies in 2023

For 2023, Allsteel parent company HNI has been named to the top ten of America's Most Responsible Companies, ranking No. 6 on Newsweek annual list. The annual recognition is selected based on public data that analyzes the top performance across environmental, sustainability, social responsibility, and corporate governance. With the goal of existing to enhance where people work, live, and gather, receiving this recognition shines a light on the company's decades-long commitment to sustainability and good corporate citizenship.

"Every day, our members build upon our culture of being a great place to work and a responsible corporate citizen," said Jeff Lorenger, Chairman, President, and Chief Executive Officer of HNI Corporation. "Important components in our daily efforts include a commitment to reducing our environmental impact, making a positive social impact, and practicing good corporate governance. HNI is honored to be named to this prestigious, well-researched list, and are excited to see where our focused initiatives for this coming year will take us."