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We understand that you have questions about Decenda, our apps and our token sale. On this page we will try to answer the most frequently asked questions.

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Why are you offering tokens now? And what can I do with these tokens?

Decenda strongly believes in a safer and easier way to buy items and content online, so it launched a crowdfunding campaign to develop this payment and marketplace technology.

You can now buy Decenda tokens at a huge discount. These tokens can soon be used to pay on various marketplaces and content platforms.

Who and what is Decenda?

Decenda is developed by Bonop, a dynamic and fast-growing online software agency, specialized in PHP, databases and Javascript development. Located in the heart of the Costa del Sol, Spain. For over 15 years we have been designing, implementing, optimizing and maintaining B2C and B2B websites as well as online marketplaces and real estate websites. 

We started to specialize in online classifieds and auction websites, which we developed for our clients. Now we are developing an open decentralized platform for global trading in e.g. games, on online marketplaces and auctions. In order to develop this crypto currency and underlying marketplace technology, we have set up a crowdfund campaign

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When will your next sale round go live?

We've created a roadmap that details exactly when our next events will go live. You can find this roadmap here.

Do you offer an affiliate program?

Yes we have developed an affiliate program for our token sale. Earning money with our partner program is incredibly easy, you only need to register once and then you can start right away. The easiest way is to send visitors directly to our website, for example through your Youtube channel, Instagram account or website.

Where can Decenda be used for?

Decenda can be used to Pay for online content, donate to your favorite content creators. But Decenda is mainly a backbone for online marketplaces and auction sites. Not only for easy (international) payments, but also for member feedback to protect other members.

More information about our apps can be found here.

Do you offer APIs?

Decenda develops some APIs so that our platform and applications are available to everyone. This makes adding Decenda to your own marketplace or content platform a no-brainer.


Decenda, the smart way to pay online
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