Where can the Decenda app be used for?

A short explanation

Pay for online content A new way to pay for online content, pay for the content you actually use. Like paying per word, paragraph or per second of video. Easy one-click donations to your favorite content creator are also available.

Marketplaces and auction sites Decenda is a backbone for online marketplaces and auction sites. Not only for easy (international) payments, but also for member feedback to protect other members.

Buy a car or collectible Soon you will be able to buy a new car with our crypto currency. A marketplace for collectibles such as art, sports memorabilia, toys and games is ready to be launched.

Crypto currency Because we issue our own crypto token, it can be traded and used like any other crypto currency. We aim to be listed on most known exchanges as soon as possible.

Valuation Unlike an old-fashioned auction house where one or two experts are present to appraise an item, we believe in the value of a community. You can even sort on experts who have been members for a long time, who have a track record or who are very knowledgeable about a certain category.

Decenda, the smart way to pay online
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