Decenda auction and classifieds payments

We are developing a platform where you can sell your (collectible) items, unlike some other platforms without any costs or commissions. The buyer can choose to take out insurance and choose shipping, because of our largely automated platform, these costs for the buyer will be extremely low, no more than 1 to 5% of the purchase price.

Because of these low costs, or no costs if the buyer picks up the item himself, the seller can count on a higher sales price. After all, the buyer does not have to pay a commission which can be 10-20% of the sale price with other platforms. Selling through a platform that accepts Decenda therefore has advantages for the buyer and seller. The seller receives a higher sales price. And the buyer can take out insurance if desired so he can be sure he gets what he paid for.

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Then we come to how we want to easily facilitate global payments. For this, we issue our own crypto currency. Buyers pay on our marketplaces with this crypto currency, this provides clear rates worldwide. If the buyer wishes, he can have his crypto coins paid out directly to the currency of his country. But he can also use these coins to make a payment on an online platform that accepts Decenda.

The value of our crypto currency will most likely increase if more people buy items on our marketplaces, after all, they have to pay for this in our crypto currency.

Decenda, the smart way to pay online
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