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It is very easy to start earning money (USD & bonus tokens) with our affiliate partner program, sign up as a Partner and share Decenda with your friends, colleagues and/or family. You can do this through social media like Youtube, Twitter, Facebook and Instagram, but also through apps like Whatsapp etc.

You'll receive a reward that we'll pay directly into your account as soon as a visitor you introduce generates a sale. partner program affiliate program
A short introduction

Who is Decenda?

Since our launch, we have been heavily involved in the development and operation of several classified websites for our clients. To make online trading on marketplaces and auction sites safer, we started developing our own decentralized blockchain application, which allows people to pay for items and online content securely.

To develop this crypto currency and underlying marketplace technology, we created this crowdfund campaign. And with this campaign, you can also make money very easy. Promote Decenda, and you'll get paid for every purchase a customer you introduced makes.

Referral program

Earn money by referring your friends, family and colleagues to our online auctions and marketplaces.

Sign Up

Signing up takes only a few minutes and is completely FREE. You'll receive a unique tracking code for use on your website or social media.

Advanced Technology

We use advanced, customized affiliate technology for our business partners to ensure you always get credit for every single referral.

High Commissions

There's no cap on the amount of commissions you earn. Refer as many people as you'd like! Rewards in USD and Decenda tokens affiliate program

Frequently asked questions about our partner program

How much can I earn with the Decenda Partner program?

There is no limit to the amount you can earn as our Partner. You will receive up to 20% on referred sales and commissions! You will be paid in USD and Decenda tokens.

Examples of how to make money with Decenda

The easiest way is to send visitors directly to our website, for example through your Youtube channel, Instagram account or website. If these visitors buy an item, you get a commission for the sale of this item.
But you can even physically bring in new customers. In your partner dashboard you can enter the contact details of the customer, so they can log in to our websites themselves.

Tracking & sales

Measuring sales is one of the most important parts of the affiliate program. We use several different ways of tracking. When a visitor visits our site using your link or promo code you receive a commission on the visitor's purchases.


The Decenda affiliate program uses a standard cookie period of 90 days. If a user signs up through your link within these 90 days, their account will be linked to your affiliate ID for two years. Within this time, you will receive a commission on all purchases made by this user.

Do you offer a recursive affiliate program?

Yes, The moment a visitor visits our website through your link or promo code, and registers within the cookie period, this visitor will be linked to your affiliate partner account for 2 years. Within that time, you will receive compensation for all purchases made by this visitor.

If I don't like Decenda, how do I cancel?

Simply log in to your account, click on your account settings: "My Overview" -> "Your personal information " and click on "Delete your profile?". No need to call, email or talk to anyone!

Is there a cost to participate in the partner program?

No, being a partner of Decenda is 100% free.

What do I need to become a Partner?

Nothing! While it helps to have your own website, there is no need to become a Partner. If you don't have a website, you can promote your Partner link through social media, YouTube channel, forums, newsletters, and to your friends, family, and business associates.
You can even visit potential advertisers, and sign them up to your Partner page!

Can I use my website?

We accept all types of websites for our Partner Program. However, we reserve the right to deny an application for websites we deem inappropriate, including, but not limited to, sites that contain sexually explicit material, promote violence, discrimination, and/or illegal activities.

When can I start?

Immediately! Just fill out the online form and start making money!

When do I get paid

All Partner rewards are processed within 14 to 90 days of a successful sale by your affiliates depending on the payment method chosen. Token rewards will be available after our sale.

How will I be paid

Rewards in USD are paid by bank, PayPal or possibly via XML. You can specify in your Partner control panel which payment method you prefer, we recommend Paypal or XLM for non-EU Partners.

In what currency do I get paid?

Rewards in USD paid in USD, this can be done through PayPal or through your bank.

Can I use cash back, rewards or other incentives?

Yes you can. you may offer cash back, rewards or other incentives to drive traffic/sales through their Partner tracking links, as long as it is not prohibited by (local) laws.

Decenda, the smart way to pay online
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