A short history about Bonop Development

decenda 02 Dec. 2021, 16:18
A short history about Bonop Development

Decenda is and will be developed by Bonop; a dynamic and fast growing online software agency, specializing in PHP, databases and Javascript development. Based in the heart of the Costa del Sol, Spain. For over 15 years we have been designing, implementing, optimizing and maintaining B2C and B2B websites as well as online marketplaces and real estate websites.

Slowly we started to specialize in online classifieds and auction websites, which we developed for our clients. Since 2014 we have been doing this under the name Bonop Development in Spain. After these years of experience, it still proved difficult to create a safe environment for both buyers and sellers. Therefore, we started looking at the possibility of developing an open decentralized platform where multiple marketplaces can be connected in which information is shared about the members, the products offered and of course the legitimacy of the payments and intentions of the users.

It quickly became apparent that a blockchain is ideally suited for this purpose, as users cannot simply modify the data in a blockchain.

With the development of our marketplace platform, we found out, in consultation with our customers, that this technology is also suitable for fulfilling other payments. For example, to allow users to pay for online content or to easily make donations.

Since 2021, we have therefore now been developing the blockchain-based payment solution Decenda, which allows visitors to marketplaces, auction sites and content platforms to pay for their purchases easily and securely.

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Decenda, the smart way to pay online
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