Sell Your Sailboat with the Decenda Network on

decenda 27 Apr. 2022, 20:31
Sell Your Sailboat with the Decenda Network on

Having a sailboat is wonderful. You can go on the water whenever you want to enjoy the weather and the wind. But... The weather is not always good sailing weather. And the costs of a place in the harbour or winter storage are considerable! Not to mention the maintenance, both the regular cleaning and any repairs.

Who knows, you may just be completely bored with your old sailboat and start looking for another one. Maybe a bigger boat to cover longer distances, maybe even a boat you can live in for a few months....

Sell your boat on

Whatever the reason, you can sell your sailboat easily and quickly through On this (auction) site you can place an ad for free with all the information that could be useful. Think for example of the type of boat (is it for example a catamaran, trimaran, cabin sailboat or open sailboat?), the condition of the boat and the year of construction. With this ad, you can also upload an additional 50 photos to give the prospective buyer a good idea of the boat you are trying to sell. It is also a good idea to make clear in the text accompanying the ad whether the price you are asking is fixed or if it is still open for discussion or bids, you can even turn it into an auction.

Selling a yacht is made very easy for you

You will sell your boat or yacht best if you explain well what all the possibilities of the boat are and provide the ad with clear pictures (preferably taken on a beautiful day). Any brand names are of course also important, as well as the dimensions of the boat (width, length, height). Finally, do not forget to mention where the boat is at the moment and whether you have the possibility to get this boat (possibly for an appropriate financial compensation) elsewhere. also has a Facebook page. Also through this channel you can draw attention to the sale of your sailing boat. Do not wait any longer and create a free ad on CaveCollector!

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