Is Decenda a disruptive startup?

Paul Knight 24 Apr. 2022, 17:59
Is Decenda a disruptive startup?

We are developing a new eco system for online payments with a blockchain as the backbone. We want to make online trading on marketplaces and auction sites much easier, cheaper and above all safer.  

We also develop our own auction sites, where users can purchase items such as collectibles, vehicles or even homes with our own crypto currency.  

Many auction sites charge a very high commission of up to 20% on a sale. Because we work fully automated for a large part, this can be reduced enormously and in some cases even be nothing. If a buyer does not have to pay any commission, the selling price will go up and the seller will receive more for his items.

The crypto coins the seller receives for his items can be converted directly into fiat. Use them to invest or, for example, to buy something himself on our marketplaces.

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Decenda, the smart way to pay online
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